Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more about Liberty Landing? So are other homebuyers just like you. Here are some questions and answers about this exciting new community

Q: How many phases will there be in Liberty Landing?

There are 7 phases planned in Liberty Landing. This community will provide a mixture of diverse residential housing styles that appeal to a range of incomes, family types and lifestyles - including opportunities for 'aging in place' homes.

Q: What types of homes are being built in Liberty Landing?

The community of Liberty Landing offers a broad range of affordable new home styles for different lifestyles and generations. These styles include single family homes with attached garages, single family homes with detached garages, single family homes with parking pads, duplex homes with garages, and townhomes with parking.

Homes and streetscapes have been designed to fit harmoniously within the open spaces, community wetlands and other amenities. The community of Liberty Landing follows master planned architectural guidelines that enhance the beauty of the surrounding area and the natural landscape.

Q: What schools are available to kids living in the community?

School aged children will be bussed to Penhold which has numerous well rated schools for kids of all ages. Below is a list of available schools in the Penhold area:

1. Penhold
2. Jessie Duncan School
3. Penhold School

For more information See amenities map

Q: Is public transportation available to the community?

There is public transportation near the area. Bus route, 12A Gasoline Alley/Springbrook, that runs along Laura Avenue, east of the community is open to all residents. This route runs once per hour and connects Red Deer County with the City of Red Deer. In the future Liberty Landing may be internally serviced and the community will keep residents up to date as things progress. Memorial Parkway has been designed to accommodate bus travel. Transit stops along this roadway would be determined by the City of Red Deer Transit Department.

* Schedules are subject to change - please check local listings.

Q: Tell me more about the developer?

Founded in 1991, with residential and commercial properties located in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Lamont Land Inc. is a land developer with a well-earned reputation for doing things differently. They are an innovative team of spirited professionals with a unique approach to business and life. Lamont believes in responsible land development, visionary leadership, market smart solutions and creating exceptional places for families to live.

They are real people who passionately believe in building communities of enduring value, communities that will enrich the lives of the residents who live in them. They believe in creating a healthy workplace culture and fostering respectful relationships with their team, partners and associates. Lamont Land Inc. stands behind their work with genuine care and commitment. This hands-on approach and the inherent respect that they have for land and people - enables them to create special communities for today and tomorrow.

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