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Outdoor Activities for Families


Snow or no snow – the temps are dropping and dropping which can mean for some, long days stuck inside! Read below for some inspiration to get the kids out of the house and enjoying the great outdoors.

Classic Fun

Think classic snow day activities of childhood past…building forts, snowball fights, snow angels. Encouraging kids to search out items in nature to help assemble a snowman will inspire creativity and fun. For a new twist on old classics, try a winter themed nature scavenger hunt.

Helping Hands

Kids love to help with chores and tasks (no really!) and shovelling snow is no different. For the little ones, let them use a child-sized shovel to pitch in. For older kids, encourage them to help elderly neighbours and volunteer to shovel driveways and walkways. Consider a reward, like hot chocolate and marshmallows to keep those kiddos motivated!

Night Time Drives

Take a drive around the local communities after the sun sets to check out all the Christmas lights and holiday decorations. What a fun, and not to mention no cost, way to spend time together as a family!