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Back to School Survival Tips


No matter if you have survived five back to school transitions, or this is your first one, implementing a change in routine can be a shock to children and parents alike! Read on for a few survival tips to help ease the transition in your home.

No Homework, No Problem

Chances are your children didn’t tackle much homework or indoor activities this summer break. Can you blame them? Try Introducing a daily activity of journal writing to get those creative juices flowing; ask a question a day to get into the habit of reflecting and recording. For Example: ‘What has been your favourite memory this summer?’ or ‘List 3 new things you experienced today’.

Schedules & Routines

Going to bed earlier at night in small increments in the days or weeks leading up to the start of school will get routines back on track in no time. Little things like getting up at the same time every day and scheduling meal times like what they will be when back in school will all aid in the transition come September.

Have Fun!

Returning to school shouldn’t feel like a chore. Establishing good communication with your kids beforehand so they know what to expect is key, but don’t forget to remind them how much they love seeing all their friends, meeting new teachers and trying new activities. The beginning of the school year is a fresh start and great opportunity to try something new.

Going back to school doesn’t have to be stressful, it should be an exciting time for both the children and their parents. With these simple tips, you will be able to ease back into the school year with fewer headaches and more smiles.